The FTT will be taking place later at 20:00. I want to walk there, but seeing that Daddy wants to accompany me, that’ll be impossible. I’m entertaining the thought of telling him to take the bus there while I walk, but that’s too absurd already, so there goes the plan. I will need to pass because I need to get that driving licence as early as possible.

People think that it’s because I just should get this thing over as soon as possible, but it’s not just it. I hate to not have anything to do. In my mind, there’s this huge checklist (which I have never materialised physically because I’m not as organised outwardly nor as neat and tidy as my mum) that’s dying to be ticked. By this holiday, I want to get my licence, master 4 ball juggling, pick up skateboarding (but the wheels have disintegrated and I’ve yet to make up my mind on whether I should spend 40 dollars to get new ones), stir up my interest in cars, and carry out my World Cup education. And it kills me inside to look back and realise that I’ve done nothing. (But recently I’ve come to see that doing Nothing is not doing nothing, in everything you learn something. But of course, doing something is still better than doing Nothing, which leads us back to square one)

So that’s 4 tasks to accomplish, I’m excluding skateboarding, though it would be nice if I could somehow get around doing that. Sucker punch when someone says he took only 1 week to learn the Ollie, when about 2 years ago I endured a spell of trying and trying which then led to giving up. Humans contradict themselves. I know there is nothing to gain from saying all this here, but somewhere inside me is satisfied to see that this appears where others can see them.

Okay, on to brightening up this place.


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