My juggling balls.

These are my 5 juggling balls, and my toy of  The moment. A few years ago, I started out with the white one with black pentagons at the top row in the centre, the one which has a lighter and a darker shade. Then the others came together later on as a Christmas gift. I started out needing three of the balls for 3-ball juggling, then I wanted to hone my one hand 2 ball juggling, so I needed two. For a really long time I didn’t need 4 balls, but then as I said something clicked last week, and I’ve entered uncharted territory here. 4 ball juggling!

It’s not easy, I think I am on my fours picking the balls from under the sofa and below the tv shelf more than actually throwing the balls up. 4 ball juggling as of now is still in its infancy. I manage to throw the ball in my left hand more than 3 times, and I’m happy. Anyway once it goes more than 3 times up, the juggling morphs to synchronous juggling which I try to avoid, and it ends anyway. Because I’m not ambidextrous which I try to be, so my left hand tires easily and throws inaccurately.

1 hour to R16 England vs Germany. Will Rooney be benched? HAHAHA will Ballack start?


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