Tea and Cups!

These are packet cups, and I’ve gotten rather into them recently because I’m turning very much into a tea addict. There is much joy and immense satisfaction from sipping tea after a meal. The tea must be boiling hot, the tea must have milk, and the meal should be congee. And by boiling hot I mean boiling hot whereby the throat gets scalded with every swallow, there should be no laws of physics (no cooling by convection or radiation) working here. And the paper and styrofoam cups seem to be doing the job, so I’ve taken to collecting them! You should try it too. Haha, not the collecting, the drinking. You wouldn’t believe how great it feels to feel the warmth spreading down the course of the oesophagus and have the thick comforting tea settle in your stomach.

“You need to be able to love yourself” (Charlie Mcdonnell). And this starts with TEA! We can worry about the caffeine addiction and side effects later. Right now, I’m just happy seeing my collection grow.  Today after duck porridge lunch I had the most amazing tea at Yakun (in pic above) coupled with crispy crunchy kaya toast.

280610 Memorabilia from Bugis Junction Food Junction. This cost $1.30. This completed my expensive $3.20 lunch of Pumpkin and long bean with wuxiang mixed rice. Food courts scam your money. But not as much as restaurants. In order of worth (price wise) : hawker centre > Foodcourt >> restaurant.


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