It’s R16, Japan vs. Paraguay. I see Honda’s head of light brown. The stubs are uniformly brown, and I conclude between Japan’s morale boosting 3-1 victory over Denmark and today, he got his dye fix. Maybe it’s some superstition to him. His dyed hair to him is as the black rose to Chen Hanwei. You never know. You never know. You never know.

Because you never know.

I hate this font. It’s acceptable only at 90% zoom.

In memory of the world cup 2010, I have set myself a new quest. To memorise the flags of the countries in the world. It would be a fitting tribute, so I have about 11 days to the 11th of July to do this. The 32 teams in the World Cup finals should have first priority. Okay, let’s see if I can remember the 32. Argentina, South Korea, Nigeria, Greece, Portugal, Ivory Coast, Brazil, North Korea, Italy, Paraguay, Slovakia, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland, Chile, Honduras, France, Mexico, Uruguay, South Africa, England, USA, Slovenia, Algeria, Netherlands, Japan, Denmark, Ghana, Australia, Germany, Serbia.

I actually almost forgot Germany. I’m mad.

I forgot Cameroon. The Samuel Eto’o country.

Even starting this Quest is not easy. I have been searching high and low on the Internet for printable pictures of flags, and the search has yielded no decent results.


It’s done. I intended to announce it on the last day of World Cup, because this is part of my World Cup Education, but it just didn’t materialise. The announcement part only, not the actual learning. So, I managed to memorise all the flags in the world. And in the process print, cut and laminate them. My shelf is home to 194 pretty little flags. Along the way I have come across pretty uncommon countries’ name, and, it just opens your eyes to how little the individual actually means to this world. Who’s going to know or care that you are now sitting at your desk surfing the internet, or taking a bus to school? Across the streets, across the straits, so many others are leading their own lives too.

I don’t consider myself as one who likes to travel. Mum tops the list if I ever made one. But after looking at the World Map, I pity myself for being so stupid. For the last 19 years of my life, how could I not care about where Poland is, how big Myanmar actually is. To do next: find a map without names.

How possible is it to turn travelling into an interest? Would the finances permit it? The record as of now is rather pathetic. Australia, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia. >.< That’s about it. I’ll stick to booktravelling now, no choice, but once I got money, I’m off baby!

Quest Flag done! Now onto Quest Map.


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