Last Sunday, together with Dad and BJC, I went to the Straits Times Classified Cats Car-nival for fun. I was picturing myself getting to take many pictures with the cars on exhibition, but obviously I’m a terrible noob at this, because no one takes pictures at such exhibitions. Why would you want to shoot a pre-owned car, and a non-ferrari. You go to prestigious Ferrari flagshows and what not.

The Expo is a pretty happening place. There was the library book sale, World Cyber Games and Cosplay. Imagine the crowd there. The food court tables were stacked with plates and the accompanying flies. I digress.

Just to comment on my Car interest, it’s getting along fine. I can remember that there is the Toyota Yaris, Honda Fit, Suzuki Swift, Hyundai Getz in the line of the hatchbacks. Toyota Corolla Altis, Vios, Camry. Honda Civic. Nissan Sunny, Sylphy, Latio. Hyundai Avante. MPVs: Toyota Wish, Honda Odyssey Airwave Stream.

I need to open my eyes more when I’m on the road. I still suck at steering. The nightly weights thing is not doing me any good, I grip the wheel with my life, and it’s affecting my driving! It’s fun to look at the sleekness of cars, and laugh at the ridiculous designs of some. During the exhibition, I got to see the Volkswagon Beetle and Mini Cooper and they are really cute. I think if in the future I get a car, I want something not so big, quite quirky, with decent performance. Nothing bulky and in the way, but something that fits like a glove, snugly and comfortably so that I know that it’s mine to control and care for.


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