Speed Mathematics.

This is long overdue. I chanced upon something cool awhile back like late last year when BJC and I were at the airport, and I knew that I couldn’t not get it. So I got it. The Trachtenberg Speed System of Basic Mathematics.

Over the holidays, I’ve gotten past the speed multiplication. I get the big picture of how the units-tens method works, and sure I’ve practised quite a bit, now the table has rough paper filled with numbers and dots and triangles, but it’s not to The stage of mental calculation which you always see in the shows about wunderkinds. I do hope I will reach there one day too. I’ve always thought it cool to play with numbers and digits randomly. In your head, the numbers just float around you and you jumble them up then form big sums with them, and you divide them by another random number. All the while, everything is happening in your head, and no one is privy to how much fun you’re having in an alternate internal reality.

I could be so happy on my own.

I’m tackling the Addition part of it now, and the steps are clear and not difficult, just that you have to keep doing and doing them to internalise everything. It’s just like driving, last friday I learnt parallel parking, got a few steps to remember like left 1, right 1, right 1 and  half.  Similarly, L shaped addition, checking with nines-remainder, digit sums. Such a wonder like this, why weren’t we taught them? If it were taught to us, we could have so much fun. I find it sad when people are fearful of Maths. Not annoying, but sad.

I’m determined to make this remainder of the holiday a blast. I wish there were  more car exhibitions to go for. mitsubishi colt!

270710 11.36pm

Weary to the bone, TIRED now. Just back from Vivo Soup Restaurant and Awfully Chocolate Cake. It’s great to have a car. Not so great to feel that you have to send your friends back afterwards.

www.random.org/integers/ Check it out. Used it to generate random integers to do speed addition, which was fun, but the division one is a tough nut to crack. Will need more time to chew on it.

290710 10.07pm

I got it I got it I got it! Division is in my pocket now.


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