First week of M2.

Waiting for BTC. Always imagine that the houses on the opposite road like to spy on us buspeople. Especially find the house with the blue roof very nice. Next time should I have a house of my own my roof will be just like it, slanting downwards, mybe blue too who knows? Nowadays I am surprised by how blue my possessions are. Blue umbrella, blue ball, blue lunchbox, blue bag, blue bottle, blue jeans, blue bermudas, blue trailblazer shirt, blue wallet. Shikes! On the way home. The book is amazing.


The wonders of Paint. I am getting the hang of this thing. Mum has stretched herself very admirably to whip up dinner for us all four days of the week. Look at the cabbage rice, haha a very uncanny resemblance to yam rice, then the nice porkribchickendrumstick soup. Unpleasant memory of swallowing a chicken bone and worrying that the pain might be due more to a stuck bonepiece than abrasian. Fortunately this morning, the pain left.

Dabbling with Paintcan. More to see on my breadspreading tools. For Mum before she left to meet her friends today.

Fish fingers, just like Charlie’s ones! Yeah I should try Fish custard one day. Anyway, decided to spruce things up on a stayhome Saturday by making lunch for Julia! Cheese goes with anything, really. And Mantou is delicious. Fries, do we even need to say anything?


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