2. An Anthropologist on Mars.

By Oliver Sacks.

At long last. It has been too long already. Since when I got very interested in autism during the horribly long break before University. Finally I get to experience the thoughts of Oliver Sacks first hand. Times like this, when you read his work, I get all motivated to become the world’s best mind in medicine especially neurology.

But I think I’m getting too disillusioned with the world, with life. Like you know, just don’t see the point of anything anymore, when everything you do it just gets all wrong, or people are just people, will never change, it’s just inherently in us to do things to hurt people. Sigh. And maybe I’m a little depressed.  Got this deflatedness in me, like a balloon that can’t grow no matter what. No more air left in me, nor fight.

This shouldn’t lighten the respect for Sacks. He makes me think. He makes me think about thinking even. And that’s respectable.

Maybe I should turn in now. I don’t feel too good, haven’t been these days.


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