7. Lost in a Good Book.

By Jasper Fforde.

Book number two. Never expected such a good catch in Central Library. Glad to have Thursday Next in my life at this time. You know right, not really the best of times right now with everything going on, it’s good to stop being and just go into some play and some fun and some unreals. The whole chronoguard thing and how time can be taken and sliced and shifted any o how is quite interesting. So what exactly is cause and effect when the effect was brought into the past to cause the cause. I know, what the heck right.

Another what the heck is the eradication thing. What the heck as in i whattheheck together with the characters, and not whattheheck at Fforde. Some spiffy stuff, themes about Landen living on in Memory. It’s like Memory is another world, where you are not confined to what you remembered, but alternative realities are constructed and given room to sprout. And nice to know that evil forces never fail to be spotted and tackled like dung,


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