11 Best Friends.

By Martha Moody.

Well, I certainly wasn’t expecting That kind of a deep dark secret, so I was in for a ride in this book. Certainly being a doctor doesn’t exclude you from having a very liberalistic point of view and a very immoral one at that. Like what, you are an Aids doctor and you go around having one night stands, not being serious in making your marriages work out and then potentially breaking up another family. Very screwed up actually, but then again, who am I to judge? We all screw up, just in different areas. Raising a family on porn is unacceptable no matter what. You may say you use condoms and you don’t kill and you make money legally, but at the end of the day, you are feeding on the depravity of the human mind.

I shouldn’t be blowing up such a small thing, because other things were evoked as I read about Sally. She is setting things right in her own way. I respect that very much. We certainly can’t choose the start point we were given, but we can do our best to choose the most scenic route. Having 6 children, being forgiving of a straying husband, coming to terms with a porn magnate for a dad, seeing everyone through till the end, she has been the stabilising force. I hope I can be like Sally, though I’m one weak lone person, I have control over my own weak ways even if I can’t change the big picture.

And to personalise matters, here is a picture of mum. We were at super toastbox.


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