12. Belong to Me.

By Marisa de la Santos.

I like this book. More specifically, I like the author. I like reading about the pensive thoughts that manifest inside your mind. When you question why life works like this, why people are the way they are. The author very obviously has a deep and an intelligent mind. And she is dying to let her thoughts out. And that is what her book, her compilation of beautiful strings of words are for. It is her space. For her to let us read what goes on between her ears. Which is awesome. Dev is so obviously her. Dev is smart and he loves knowledge just like how I see BJC want to know more because he enjoys it.

And I appreciate her love for language too. The choice of words and descriptive prowess is just humbling. And, the story is very well written. No way did I imagine the link between Teo and Dev when all along she had been openly talking about it. That’s how good she is. So the plot is not a run of the mill. It is a very good book, not just for the plot, but for the way the story is told. And that is a very big compliment. Just like Music and Lyrics. The song can be darn good and darn catchy, but do the lyrics match up? The lyrics are the tough ones to get.

Now I need to find Marisa’s first book, Love Walked In.


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