05122010 Stanchart Marathon Volunteer.

Feeling very very cranky now, and irritable because of the unsolved problem of clinical wear tomorrow to school.

But happy nonetheless. I may have found where I can belong. My niche. Thanks to Tingwen, I volunteered in a sports event for the very first time in my life, and the exhilaration I felt by being in the thick of action, hands burning with spicy Muscle Rub, shouting myself hoarse to egg the runners on, pouring cups and cups of 100plus cordial and icemountain water on end.

All the way! Almost there! Come on guys you can do it! Go For it! Just do it! Great job guys great job! Clockwork like, On and on and on. But seeing the runners brighten up, straighten up to continue on was more than anything you could ever ask for. What made me very happy was seeing TF! I totally left the possibility of seeing him face to face out of my mind because I didn’t think I would get that lucky. And I did, and he even recognise me! And also seeing nat, so charged up, high fiving me with so much gusto. That guy, he’s really very cool, so determined. AND MOK YING REN! I saw him face to face doing the thing, his thing! And now a video of him and his running partner Jason Lawrence is safe in Blackie, my treasure.

These are what made my  volunteering so memorable and special, seeing friends and feeling downright damn INSPIRED. The hwachong girl, sumiko tan, ashley liew, benjamin even. If they can do it, why can’t I? Time is running out for me already, I’m 20 this year, and there’s really so many things to do, so many dreams to chase.

Even with my redslapped palms, redburnt cheeks and redaching legs, I shall move on tomorrow, move on and on like the wind. Mok can do it, Nat can do it, TF can do it, and for this three people, and myself, I will do it.


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