Alot of things.

There are so many things that I want to do. I feel as if blood is coursing explosively through my veins, my heart, for the pure joy of life, for doing.

I signed into youtube just now, and thenewboston has ventured into android development. I remember those days before school started, and I caught on with programming. And I really did manage to progress, remember those public main status void, but it’s crying out shame and pity that I stopped. For a while, you remain confident that you can get back from where you left off, but as time drags on, it’s harder and harder, and now it’s daunting just to think about getting back what I had before stopping. It’s a freaking pity. Just cross my fingers tight and hope I can pick it up again soon.

Because right now, things are just buzzing all around me. I am very convicted and inspired, a new life direction has been cast in stone for me. Kathrine Switzer. It’s not impossible to run a 3 hours plus marathon. With enough training and hard work we will be able to reach that end. Her first marathon as 4h20min, I will be able to do that as well. And the juggling club. Holding on to it, jumping into it would make me do something that I really enjoy and see as an interest. That’s just about what is occupying my mind. I think my mind whirls like mad, it doesn’t ever stop. Because I want to, no it’s rather that I never ever want to waste my time and life away. Youth, time is on my side, I’ve got so much to do do do do do!



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