18. Marathon Woman

By Kathrine Switzer, a memoir

– Running the Race to revolutionize women’s sports-

THIS IS AN AMAZING BOOK. Above all, it is an amazing story of such a hero. I’ve found such a gem, I’ve confirmed in myself in my soul and heart and mind that this is the path for me. There is no turning back. This will be my life’s hard work. Thank you God so much for bringing me to this book, to Miss Switzer. Thank you for telling me that 100miles a week is achievable starting from 1 mile a day. Thank you for telling me that nothing is impossible, that hard hard work will get you to where you want to be.

“Training works. Sometimes it takes years and sometimes it happens quickly, but there will be improvement. Suddenly, one day you’ll be running and you’re a lot better than before.”

So many ideas bloom and burst around me after seeing Switzer’s dedication to her cause, seeing her intense and immense and relentless grip on her belief. I truly want to do something in sports in the future. I want to be a sports doctor, to heal and help the likes of Ronaldo and Federer and Nadal, and to be like Roger Banister and Sir Ernst Van Aaken.

A whole new world has just formed in front of my eyes. A world I had always been oblivious. A world that I inexplicably left out, considering my inclination towards sports. The world of ArthurLyddiard, Hal Higdon, Kathrine Switzer, Lorraine Moller and so many many others. I WANT TO MAKE A LIFE IN SPORTS. I’m saying this here and I’m going to do it.

And I will persevere with my passion. A marathon is not impossible. From now on I will work towards it, chip at it bit by bit until it’s in me.



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