20. The Grace to Race

By Sister Madonna Buder (with Karin Evans)

– The Wisdom and Inspiration of the 80-year-old World Champion Triathlete known as THE IRON NUN –

Father Lord, thank you for sending this book and Sister Madonna to me. Thank you for this refreshment in my newfound passion of running. You have shown me how I can please you with running and with my life. Thank you Father Lord for this gift of refreshment. I am thoroughly energised to start this together with you. I know that through it all, you will be with me, through every step, every bit of rain or wind or heat.

It is all because of you that Sister Madonna is such an amazing person. For all the triathlons she has done, it’s like she was accounting for a run to the park or a walk to the supermarket. At such age, at such intensity. Oh my, You never fail to amaze me Lord.

I want to lead my life like Sister Madonna. I want to be in communion with you every step of the day. I want to be with you in thought, in conversation and in every step that I run.

Jesus, let this be the start of something new and good. And something long. I will run all the way with you till the end, till the end whenever you want it to be. And let this be the same for every other part of my life, You will be the start and the end of everything I do.

Amen. Dear Lord, please bless your child Sister Madonna. Give her your strength and wisdom and power to open the new category 90s.


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