21. Running for my life

By Ray Zahab.

– On the extreme road with adventure runner Ray Zahab –

Learning more and more, taking in more and more. Lord, give me the zeal to keep up with this.

Learnt about adventure running, and how exhilarating it can be. Kevin Lin, a supposedly very famous Asian (Taiwanese) racer. Haven’t heard of him before, shows how underexposed I am to this world of happenings. And Ray, he came from a life of booze and cigarettes, and from 2004 till now, he could accomplish so much. Sister Madonna started at 51 years of age, and she is evergreen, makes me wonder what they could have been if they started earlier. But the experiences from their other type of life probably were the most appropriate footstools to their current success. No amount of early training could have substituted the lessons learnt to propel them forward so much.

100s of kilometres at a time, wow. Wow. Went to Novena square today. Got to get that outgear bag. It stopped raining finally. Another book done in a day.


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