27. Second Wind

By Cami Ostman

– One woman’s midlife quest to run seven marathons on seven continents –

At first when I started reading this book, I wasn’t very spurred on because it seemed as though the writer was simply indulging endlessly in her wallowing. But I read on, and in the end, I thank Ms. Ostman for reminding me of why I run. I don’t run so that I can win, of course that is a significant motivation though that will never come true. I run for the love of running. Running is not about running round tracks and circles just to shave off seconds and minutes. (Okay I can’t really reconcile my going to school early for 5 days in a row to run around the track even lugging towels and everything to bathe. I have since stopped beause of logistical inefficiency. But I believe that some sort of routine has got to kickstart the passion) I really want to seek adventure and meaning in every run that I embark on. I want each run not to be about legs moving, but about the air I breathe in, the things I see and learn.

Running will be featuring a big deal in my life because it’s going to bring me to different parts of the world to appreciate life, just as Cami has done so. Very inspiring to travel while running. Just like Rosie Swale. For them, running has become so much for them, way more than successful elite runners. Because running has taught them about the joy of life and the wonders of this earth.

Okay I’m still going to want to do my best to be fast, but let that not be the endpoint. Running is about the journey and what you experience right at that moment.

I’m really excited to start planning trips for running. Now I will first have to work hard at getting running into my routine. From google searches, running with a backpack seems like a very normal thing that I can make into a routine. Now, I’ve just got to persevere. Till we see the sunlight.


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