28. Steve Scott The Miler

With Marc Bloom.

– America’s Legendary Runner Talks About His Triumphs and Trials –

Just read that Ashley Liew and Rameshon-M are in HongKong for tomorrow’s Hong Kong Marathon while waiting for the picture to be uploaded. Wonder when it will be my turn, when running seems all too part of life. At Compass Point Sports connection today, the Filipino shop person was amused because I was the first person to ask him about a bag for running home. He said also that it’s not too good to do that because it’s bad for the back. Many people say that running too much will onlybring about regret when you’re into the second half of life. But I’m thinking, what about the Kenyans and other Africans who trek/run/endure 13km just to get to school from young every morning? What’s the line between a tough life and overtraining? I’m thinking, I can stretch my threshold. Running home is a very cool idea. Plus, I got my reward for putting a little faith in Compass Point library, a bumper crop of 3 books :D And Toa Payoh yielded none. Go figure.

Back to the book, it’s awesome, more for the fact that running gave him more than he gave running. Chasing records and medal is always exciting stuff, but who can look away from a cancer conqueror taking his place before the starting line once again? For all the disappointments in never being able to be the top, it’s enough just for the fact that running gave him freedom. So, this book showed me what it means to be a professional athlete. I agree that competition for money can be very stifling. Because you can’t just run for the wind and run for the fun. You’ve always got to think about what’s in it for you. You can’t just want to beat yourself, you’ve got to be better than the people lining up beside you.

But all in all, old is gold. When you’ve been through the peak and the down is around once again, running is different. You can just do it for wanting to do it. That’s so cool. I want to run home everyday.


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