31. Staying the Course: A Runner’s Toughest Race

By Dick Beardsley and Maureen Anderson.

(God help me, that I will not base my happiness and joy on things that go fine. Iwill consider it pure joy to withstand trials of all kinds. That the inner peace will be from you. Give me strength to bear through all this. Through all the anger, tension, selfishness, and at the same time give me love. That it will not simmer into cold resentment. Amen)

How hard can running be? It will foremost remain a passion now that we are no longer in the stone age where we have hunt for sustenance. How hard can it be compared to preserving the integrity of your soul and the bond of your family? We need to put running to good use, so that it will serve a greater purpose. Sometimes mindless running is meaningful, serves as a reprieve from anxiety and stress. And sometimes we intentionally use running to make us become stronger better people. (Just like Dick, his addiction will always be the weight in his life, running gave him wings, training was bliss, not suffering.)

Whatever it is Lord, I pray give me guidance. Direct me on the path towards Your will. I am weary. I am weary from being pushed, pressed. Running is the solution, but never running AWAY from the situation. I’m going to stick my ass here and stay through this all. Meanwhile, looking onto more adventures will get me through. Thank you Father Lord. Tomorrow is the OMB Challenge. Help me break 50mins. Amen


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