37. the things we do for love

By Kristin Hannah.

So many beautiful things in life. Sometimes I think, like right now, that just spending time to appreciate and be amazed by their wonderrs is enough. There is no time for other distractions. Beautiful things like music (listening to Naudo’s wonderful tonight, accoustic version, being led to sungha jung), like reading Kristin Hannah’s sweet countrystyle story telling of family and love and care, like gritting the teeth to finish races.

What is love? I certainly don’t know nuts about it. The things we do for love. Such a beautiful title. Look at the design of the front cover. It’s been a while since I laid eyes on such a serene and peaceful cover. Kristin Hannah seems to be so good at this. I remember when I read Firefly Lane, it was the beautiful cover that drew me, and the font. Everything seemed to fit. I didn’t want to read an intense thriller or some crime being solved, I had enough of passionate trysts or superficial chicklit, what I wanted was some realness that I could relate to. Like Fannie Flagg. I want the family, feelingful kind of tale. One that wouldn’t be too intense, but would make me get intense as I absorbed the lightness of daily living.

So after JC, I’ve come full circle, back to Hannah. What a wonderful story about love. And expectations. And hope.

“Ultimately, it became a story about choices and resilience, about how expectations can sometimes crush a person or a relationship, and how love can come in ways that one never expected.”

Do you experience this, when you read a good book an overwhelming one, then there’s just nothing to write about it? Because it’s too good, there would be too many things to talk about it. This book is a book in a long while that I felt tears pushing it. And it’s not about the ohsosweet teenage love, infatuation and what not. But it’s about family. That circle of trust, like a trampoline in the schoolgym that you can always return to when everything around shatters.

Angie had her own mistakeful path to trod before she ended up back where she needed to and should be at. Her family house. She had to push hard and be broken before she was willing to return to the embrace of her family who was waiting for her in the kitchen, despite being let down and disappointed by her detachment. Must be careful to see this point. She had to err before learning, hurt and lose before loving. She also had to be human first before becoming Lauren’s angel.

This is it about life. Everyone will have to learn from life. Even with all the advice we’re given, there’s no other way around it.

I guess in a way it is a reminder to me to be less narrow minded. Open the door. Don’t always blow up people’s inadequacies and lose all hope in them. Have to keep loving and loving. Actually, it can be as simple or as complicated as we want it to be. To be simple, first, put aside all sense of selfcentredness. It is not about how you feel or who does what to you. Just take it living out a rule. To love. Then everything in the periphery will remain where they are. Unimportant. Just keep giving, and don’t expect. Have no expectations of others except that of yourself to live a life of love.


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