39. true colors

By Kristin Hannah.

Time passes way too fast, or rather should I say, humans forget way too fast. Whatever that happened in the past, yesterday, last year or in childhood of long ago, they seem to fall into a continuum where you remember the experience and the actual feeling with the same intensity. The events all seem like they happened at the same time. I just got blown away by Kristin Hannah’s The things we do for love, and right now after just finishing true colors today, it feels eons ago that I actually read the former, yet when I think about it, the emotions that overwhelmed me come back with such clarity.It feels like all the books I read in the past were read concurrently. So they feel either equally recent/ancient to me.

I love Kristin Hannah, if I didn’t emphasize that enough. Her After Reading Thoughts are excellent, I look forwarding to sealing the deal with her questions so that I can keep the convictions and impacts in me always. Sisterhood is a queer thing ain’t it. You love and yet at the same time you behave like the meanest toad around. It’s probably because the closer you are, you get squeezed into this tight space and even the littlest of dissatisfaction or annoyance gets enlarged immediately.

So, is it okay to get hurt by love? How do you find the strength to carry on if you are willing to let yourself get torn down all the time? I really want to be like forrest gump and also to believe the good in everyone like vivi ann, but I’m too much like winona. I expect the right things to be done, and I can’t let go and accept that people are just different. I fear the most to be self-righteous, I don’t ever want to be judgemental, but it’s just something in me that can’t let a bump go past. Do I expect everything to be like me? Must Mum be as quick as me? Can I allow for some dillydallying that are, not on my terms?

Must everything be done my way for it to be okay?


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