46. the queen of water

By Laura Resau and Maria Virginia Farinango.

Indigena, Mestizo. That’s cool. It’s just like the negro and white in north america. The story is beautiful, heartwrenching. Becoming a servant from childhood? Being insulted and demeaned, all alone with no one to love her? How do some people become so strong, and why do other wilt? I think that’s why life is so interesting. It depends on us ourselves to decide how we are to respond to our circumstances. Life may hurl stones, but we must make sure that we do not falter, so that when success comes, it’s all the more sweet and satisfying. At least at the end of the day we can tell ourselves that we did our part, and even if things don’t turn out a la fairytale, we can hold our heads high and be so darn proud of ourselves.

Fear is familiar, but freedom is terrifying. Love this line from the book. That’s just how the Israelites must have felt, when they were free to leave Egypt. I must learn to be a strong person.


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