55. The Canoeist.

By John Manuel.

– A Memoir –

Tis always nice to learn about something new through the life of another. Not a non-fiction book of facts per se, but putting myself into his shoes to go through not only his technical experience, but his emotional journey as well. If you give me a Guide to Canoeing, the book will remain unfinished.

This is not exactly a new sport to me, given my experiences with kayaking. Just that up till now, I haven’t found the motivation to make me want to change and go straight to get a boat. For me, ease of starting has always been a predominant feature in whatever I do. That’s why it’s running and not triathlon. Not triathlon because you’ve got to avoid swimming if your hair sucks or your period comes, and your bike will be more than your life is worth. The same with needing a boat. But who knows, things do change and there is a season for everything. Everything said about preferring convenience, I still enjoy reading and imagining all the fun and adventure. I would do kayaking, just not on a regular basis like running.

It’s so cool to read about the different river he conquers, and you can feel that he really gains fulfillment from these waters, these trips.


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