21052011 Passion Run 25K.

Aw man. It’s mindlifting to Know that I Can do 25K. To know that no matter how long, I can finish it out there. And now the thing is to go faster. 2h43mins. If you think big, it’s consequently also a big joke, because that’s even longer than how much Mok took to complete his marathon. If you think reasonable, it’s consequently then quite satisfying. First run, first time. At the 21k mark, I snuck a look at the watch, and it was like 2h16mins. Not very encouraging at that moment, but right then, all I thought of was heck, so slow already, come on let’s get this awkward remainder of 4k over and done with. The sky so dark already, so many people before you, don’t get any slower. An even pace of 2h30mins is not that easy after all.

So next up for marina21k, the target will be a sub2h, and we will pick it up from there.

The best thing is that, I know I still got lots in my tank. My heart was super comfortable throughout haha because I refused to tire the old guy too much. And it was just my calves and thighs which were complaining. So means that I can improve alot more. But the week after the race, somehow, it’s like I’m being willed against myself to rest and do other stuff. Just can’t find the motivation (this inexplicable thing which made me circle all around Singapore like a madman for the past 2weeks, see training record below). But it will pick up, I’m confident.

The important thing now is to go sub50. I’m 50 now. Mighty pleased. But I’ll be mightier and pleased-er if I go under it. So that I can go easy on my legs which I foresee will be bringing me everywhere in this life. Remember, ain’t no ban gonna get me down.


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