75. Led By Destiny

By Kinga Freespirit.

– Hitch hike around the world –

What can I say. The call of the world sounds ever more so. I feel it within me. I feel like each step and each book I take and read, it’s shaping into something. How I would love to be like Kinga, going over the world. That’s what life should be. Now that I’m in family medicine, I see the meaninglessness of specialising. Okay, I know the genetic syndromes and the accidents and the mutations one needs to help, but beyond that, life would be good and fine if everyone just got along. If everyone didn’t start inventing things they don’t need, killing things they need, and just move in the world. Then we would all be good. We wouldn’t need metformin, we wouldn’t need statins. Sigh. Why the heck can’t people just don’t be so stupid.

I was deeply stirred when I found out that Kinga passed away on her journey to Africa. Just like Barbara Savage, Miles from Nowhere. Good Women these people, grabbing life for what it is truly worth. And holding on to that dream all the way till their time transcends their own control. These women leave us as everbeings. We are so blessed to have their words left for us. It affects me when I feel like I am with them, I can feel their thoughts and feelings in each step that they take and each corner of the world they venture into. Such an intimate connection, and so the blow to know they passed away so young so full of life is ever so great.

Thank you.


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