79. Seize The Day

By Tanni Grey-Thompson.

– My Autobiography – The story of a heroine of our time –

Read the part about wheelchair racing for non-disabled people! That’s a great idea. If we can make wheelchair not the exclusive belonging of the disabled, it will be seen to be like a racket. And everyone will turn to it for new thrills. Actually really can explore this angle leh. Okay, let me go read up more on disability sports from the darling sports section first. But seriously, I’ve been mulling about getting a wheelchair since this Rehab posting, then now this book. Things seem to be pointing and pushing me to it.

Yay now can get started on PlanetWalk. Which reminds me, Hougang Mall library got an amazing General section. Oh, Lord, what is life, and all the beauty you have given us! That we could walk and read till we meet you Lord!


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