Reading Talley at Yakun nex.


Time to get my act together.

Love medicine, love people more.

Get out of my funk with coffee.


Maybe all this time I haven’t gotten the point.

Why God has placed me where I am, here in Medicine.

He has put me here to learn. That I’ve got to love.

Funny sad how I need to be broken to come closer to the Lord.

How I need to be stripped of what I hold onto dearly before I see that all I need to hold onto is Him.

Lord, I am all yours. Use me and take me. To where you want me to be.

I will work on the point that you have shown me.

Tis easy to think and decide over coffee.

When I start to act on it, Lord, I will take the strength that you leave so freely for us.



School, being involved

CG, mending bridges


School, helping juniors




I must set my heart to correct my concepts during this holiday.

No more bumming around, floating on flimsy beams of knowledge.

I love my patients too much to be guilty of that.


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