Today woke up at 7am and got onto Youtube, something which is happening more often nowadays. Hope I don’t count as an addict.

Unbearable Lightness by Portia De Rossi. Coming out as gay, overcome with anorexia. “There’s a fine line between being private and being ashamed.” That’s so true. How often, we want to show something, but we check ourselves at the last minute, because we doubt that it’s something that truly deserves its place in the open. If Portia is really how I  am made to perceive her to be, then all’s good and I wish her the best. She does seem to be like a genuine person, though Wikipedia search makes her life appear to be less straightforward than what she voices out.

Learning more about Hongkong now. I’m excited for this adventure! The itinerary is going to be how it should be.

Meeting BJC for dinner. He’s still the same, disaffected and all. I wonder if he does treasure friends, or they are just things that he can go out with, while he shares about his theories.

One good thing,  I bought Road to Saint Diego. Going to watch it while ironing the clothes tomorrow morning before meeting Gitty for lunch at Boon Keng. Excited to watch it and excited to meet Gitty, an incredibly nice friend.


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