What did we talk about?

Met up with Gitty today and I am very happy now. Being filled emotionally and mentally. Here’s what we talked about:

  • Surname Singh of Sikhs
  • Relationships being important to me/whoever for that matter
  • Continuing to be nice to people regardless
  • Should not have expectations of people to be like you
  • Reciprocation is a plus, not a given
  • Couples forming can make friends around them feel excluded
  • Treasuring those who treasure you
  • Learning to let go
  • Having a balance of holding onto relationships, being strong along, and, being nice even when the other party doesn’t care
  • Life is a cycle, you have hope, then you get disappointed, then all over again
  • Placing family and friends as equally precious

Talking it through with a friend makes the problem feel more overcomable. Gitty’s going to India on Saturday, may she have a wonderful and meaningful time there.


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