“My mood is so consistently good post pros.”

I quote myself from a message to Mark because I like how it sounds. Random, quirky.

Today is the first day of electives, something I planned all by myself, and something which I went into feeling apprehensive that it would turn out bland. Thank God, I’m home happy and full in my heart.

  • Walking to and back from the hospital
  • Tim drawing out a plan for these 2 weeks for me
  • Therapy itself
  • The 3 beautiful people who generously shared this part of their lives with me
  • Jeffrey who generously gave of his time, who is in missions and is serious about God

People are beautiful things. Tim, Jeffrey, Mdm Khatijah, Mdm Posper, Uncle Ong Chai Ban, Uncle Asa. (Yesterday the thing that Pastor Dale said about making an effort to talk, to make disciples, he cannot be more right)

Therapy is a beautiful thing too. STS Sit to Stand, CG Contact Guard, BADL Basic Activities of Daily Living. Sitting Up, Standing up, throwing bean bag into basket, Mirror therapy.

Being in Medicine is beautiful too. It’s good that I have the opportunity to now look at Medicine from the outside. Because it makes me realise that oh no, I actually don’t know how to apply my knowledge for the good of my patients.

Dementia, radial nerve palsy, giddiness and lack of balance, Parkinson’s (maldopa, gait), Inattention to left side from right mca infarct.

There is much more time to be with the patients when I’m here. Funny isn’t it, I get to do that outside of school time. I can see and feel. And look whole into their eyes for the moment.

I’m going for dinner and then I’ll be back to understand more about the conditions. And then I look forward to tomorrow to talk to them and know them.


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