Born This Way – Pneumothorax.

Pneumothorax, there are 2 causes
Traumatic and spontaneous
Primary think Marfan’s, Ehler Danlos
Secondary think lung disease
Pneumothorax, there are 3 types
Open, closed and tension
To manage it there are 3 factors
Stability, size and type
F Eb Bb F
Tension pneumothorax is an emergency
No time to wait for a chest x ray to confirm
Stat thoracotomy, a 14G needle one
Then a tube thoracotomy at the 5th IC space

Open pneumothorax, a k a sucking chest wound
Make a flutter valve with a dressing taped on three sides
For a month post recovery, you shouldn’t fly or work out
Nor ever climb mountains or do deep sea diving/

ABC monitoring oxygen,
100% and no less
Then just a chest x ray is enough
Large is beyond 3

Once it’s large you should drain it,
With a chest tube and admit
Connect the chest tube to a Heimlich valve
Or an underwater seal

In tension pneumothorax, patient has severe dyspnoea
Diminished breath sounds in one hemithorax
Tachycardia and impaired, peripheral perfusion
And raised jugular veins that’s unstable

Think TP with acute SOB, or a marfanoid youngster
With sudden onset unilateral chest pain
Tracheal displacement is a, late sign in TP
So we’ve got to decompress it via a needle

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