One More Night- Syncope.

Syncope is a, brief and sudden loss of consciousness
Due to transient, impaired cerebral circulation
Vasovagal has, a cardioinhibitory response
Vasodilation, causes vasodepressor response

Cardiac has 3, like orthostatic hypotension,
Dysrhythmia and effort syncope and functional
Orthostatic has, fluid loss and drugs and neuropathy
Neurogenic and, metabolic and psychiatric

ABC Monitor pulse and blood pressure and the cardiac rhythm
Give low flow oxygen via nasal prongs and then get iv access
Examine for signs of blood loss and level of consciousness
Cvs pr and for neurological deficit/

Must do ecg, for ischaemia and dysrhythmia
WPW and prolonged QT syndrome
Postural BP, after 2 minutes of standing
Benchmark is 20, for SBP and pulse rate

So we do risk stratification
High and moderate and low risk
Moderate not say confirm admit
Low risk observe for 2 hours


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