We Are Young – Seizure.

A seizure is a spontaneous, intermittent and abnormal,
Electrical activity within part of the brain and
Epilepsy’s a recurrent tendency to have seizures
Status epilepticus is when seizures go
On for more than half an hour
There is no, full recovery, of consciousness, between attacks
You know
Something is just not quite right
F Dm Gm Bb

So to classify,
There’s primary and secondary causes

Benzodiazepines, phenytoin
Long acting barbiturates, phenobarbitone,
Then try RSI

Now let’s start with first aid, recovery position,
ABC, by suctioning and supplemental high flow oxygen
Get IV access, then you monitor
And prepare in case you need to intubate

Do a stat hypocount, FBC U/E/Cr,
ABG LFT Ca/Mg/phosphate, toxicology
AED levels, a septic workup
CT brain ECG to exclude causes

5mg of valium, rectal or IV,
Slow bolus, q5min, up to 20mg then try phenytoin
18mg, per kg and check bp and ecg

Phenobarbitone, 10mg per kg
Slow bolus, at a rate of, 100mg per minute then go to rsi,
Don’t forget your 7 ps and indications

So you don’t drive, don’t cycle, don’t swim, don’t climb, don’t drink
Especially, alone, at all.


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