Welcome to My Life- Pulmonary Embolism.

Do you suddenly feel out of breath
More than 20 breaths per minute
chest pain but clear chest x ray
and low spO2

ABC and monitoring
O2 via non-rebreather mask
And Fluid resuscitation
Through 2 large bore IV lines

Start inotropes if BP
Continues to be low
And give opioids for pain relief

DVT and PE, are from virchow’s triad
Flow stasis, endothelial, damage hypercoagulability
Don’t forget to call the reg from,
To arrange for admission
Into ICU/

FBC and U/E/Cr
GXM and DIVC screen
ABG and ECG and also CXR

To be sure do a CT scan
A lung scintigraphy
Gold’s pulmonary angiography
Then bedside 2D echo

If you suspect PE
Start IV heparin
Or fraxiparine

ECG shows sinus tachycardia
Right axis deviation and P pulmonale
T inversion in V1-3
All this indicate right heart strain
CXR has Hampton’s hump Westermark sign


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