Firework- Conscious Sedation.

Conscious sedation, depresses consciousness,
only minimally, reflexes are retained
You can still respond, appropriately,
to verbal commands and, physical stimuli

F Gm Dm Bb

Must always assess for, allergies and drugs,
And any abnormal, airway patency
Ketamine needs two peeps, for constant monitoring,
there are complications

Monitor and give ox, xygen, standby resus,
like defibs and reversal agents

Benzodiazepines, are not analgesic
Opioids are not amnesic, ketamine is everything
Benzodiazepines, midazolam’s dormicum
Opioids like fentanyl, morphine and meperidine/

Benzos and opioids, are the culprits for,
Respiratory depression, and hypotension
Laryngospasm, blame the ketamine,
Succinylcholine, after failed PPV

Chest wall rigidity, blame the fentanyl,
Succinylcholine only after failed naloxone
Allergic reactions, cue adrenaline,
Antihistamine steroids

PSA, is for i&d of abscesses
Dislocation of medium and large joints,
And lacerations in difficult places


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