Dynamite- ACLS.

Am G C F

For stable bradycardia
Observe and prepare for
transvenous pacing
then when unstable
start atropine and
transcutaneous pacing
and dopamine
stable brady is AV block
third degree and second type 2

For unstable tachycardia
Do immediate synchronised
Narrow AF use
Rate-controlled drugs
Digoxin amiodarone or CCB
D or V
For PSVT do vagal
Then adenosine or verapamil

For wide tachycardia,
Adenosine 2 times if aberrancy
then if suspect VT
do two times lignocaine
or amiodarone then synchronised cardioversion
if still vt

When there’s no pulse you start CPR,
Check ecg, for the rhythm
In vt vf you defibrillate, one time then check, for the rhythm

360 for mono
150 for bi
Reversible causes
5 H and 5 T (x2)

PEA and asystole, give adrenaline then atropine
Then persistent vt vf, alternate defib with adrenaline
2 times, then lignocaine or amiodarone
Also 2 times, then when it’s torsades
You give magnesium sulphate
Remember defib within 1 minute

Em Am F G


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