Teenage Dream- NSAIDs.

G D Em C
From Phospholipids, To arachidonic
Acid that’s by phospho, Lipase A2 then
To prostanoids that’s by, Cyclooxygenase, ase

Besides prostanoids, From arachidonic
Acid there’re lipoxins, And leukotrienes
Together they are,Eicosanoids eicosanoids

Prechorus: (Em D, C)
Steroids inhibit phospholipase, A2 while NSAIDs
Inhibit cyclooxygenase,
Aspirin, Then panadol is special

Prostacyclin, Like PGI2 they
Inhibit, Platelet aggregation
And cause vaso, Dilatation while for
Thromboxanes, They do the opposite

Prostaglandin, Like D2 and E2
Vascular, Permeability
Fever and pain, By sensitizing the nociceptive fibers
To stimulation/

Panadol is C, NS selective
Hence it’s good for fever and pain relief
But it’s weakly anti-inflammatory, and may damage the liver

Pre chorus:
Side effects, in GIT and renal,
Allergy and reye’s
In kids with viral infections
They get brain and liver swelling


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