Sob Ta.

Tur koey roo mai wah krai
Did you ever know? That someone
Fao maung dtahm dtae tur dai took haeng
Has been looking at only you everywhere?
Gep tur pen raeng hai jai took wun
Keeping you as a strength for her heart every day
Gep wai mah nahn
Doing so for so long

Hahk dai yoo glai glai tur
If I could be near you
Chun ja bauk gup tur hai roo jai
I’d tell you and let you know
Sob dtah gup chun leuk long kahng nai
Making eye contact with me, deep down inside
Gor ja kao jai kwahm mai
You’d understand the meaning

(*)เห็นเงาในตาฉันไหม เห็นเธออยู่ในนั้นไหม
Hen ngao nai dtah chun mai hen tur yoo nai nun mai
Do you see the loneliness in my eyes? Do you see yourself in there?
รู้ใจกันบ้างไหม ว่าฉันนั้นคิดอะไร
Roo jai gun bahng mai wah chun nun kit arai
Do you understand what I’m feeling?
เห็นเธอมานานรู้ไหม ไม่เคยมองใครที่ไหน
Hen tur mah nahn roo mai mai koey maung krai tee nai
I’ve been looking at you for so long, do you know? I’ve never looked at anyone else anywhere else
ขอเพียงสักครั้งแค่หันมา สบตาครั้งเดียวก็พอ
Kor piang suk krung kae hun mah sop dtah krung diao gor por
I only want you to turn and look at me, making eye contact just one time is enough

Piang bauk chun duay sai dtah
Just tell me with your eyes
Kit yung ngai bauk mah hai roo bahng
Whatever you’re thinking, let me know
ไม่หวังให้เธอต้องเดินร่วมทาง แค่เธอเข้าใจ
Mai wung hai tur dtaung dern ruam tahng kae tur kao jai
I don’t wish for us to walk the same path, just for you to understand

Yahk hai tur roo jai
I want you to know and understand
Yahk ahi yoo pen raeng kaung jai
I want you to remain the strength of my heart
Gep kwahm roo seuk tee dee mahk mai
To keep the many good feeling
Gep wai hai tur kon diao reuay pai
To keep you alone forever



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