Tik Tok- Autonomic Nervous System.

F G Am

T1 to L2, are the sympathetic nerves
C3 7 9 and 10 and S2 to 4
Are the parasympathetic fibres
Nicotinic muscarinic adrenergic/

Sympathetic and parasympathetic
Nervous systems have pre and post ganglionic neurons
Preganglionic are all nicotinic receptors
With acetylcholine as neurotransmitter

Postganglionic there’s adrenergic
Alpha’s norepinephrine
Alpha beta epinephrine
Muscarinic’s acetylcholine
Basically that’s all there is
then where to find them cell bodies…

sympathetic ones have paravertebral chain
and prevertebral which are hypogastric and
celiac plexii and finally both are on the
effector organs themselves
oh oh oh woah


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