Sparks Fly- Anxiety related Disorders.

Am F C G
With generalised anxiety you can’t sleep
And get tired easily, it’s tough
To concentrate and you are irritable
And restless with tense muscles

Am F
DSM says you need at least
3 for 6 months (C G Am)
Use CBT and antidepress (F G)
Ants over BZDs

A panic attack’s
A discrete period of intense fear
With at least 4 symptoms
Which develops abruptly
And reaches, a peak in, 10 minutes and
Panic disorder has recurrent panic attacks
And significant behavioural changes for 1 month
And agoraphobia
when escape’s difficult

(my mind forgets to remind me)
OCD’s time consuming
Takes more than 1 hour per day
Obsessions are persistent and recurrent
Doubts impulses ruminations and thoughts then compulsions

Are repetitive behaviour or mental act
Which are not pleasurable
Which serve to reduce the distress caused by the obsession

(I run my fingers through yourhair)
PTSD’s when the trauma is
With main symptoms like avoidance
And re-experiencing through flashbacks
And hyperarousal and emotional
It usually starts within 6 months of the traumatic event


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