99. What I Talk about when I Talk about Running.

By Haruki Murakami.

99 What I talk about when I talk about Running Haruki Murakami


There is a time for everything. What I remember about this book most significantly is that Mr. Murakami ran when he felt like it, and then after a certain time, the feeling of it’s over came on and he moved on. It’s not about giving up or losing the peseverance, but sometimes things have their purpose at different moments and stages in life, so when it’s done what it should do, we let the next thing work miracles.

I acknowledge that I need to get running back into me. It’s like my lost love. I love it, but I just feel like I don’t have the thirst for it. It’s just latent, and I know that part of the thing is laziness. Lord help me. Running is beautiful, it is from you and I want to keep the beautiful things from you in my life.


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