110. War and Peace

By Leo Tolstoy.

110 War and Peace Leo Tolstoy


Oh hey, I joined Goodreads.

I’ve plunged into books after exams. And they’ve been my best friend. I feel that I can get away from things I’m confronted with when I read. When I read, I learn and I feel so much. The intensity brings me to tears, and I have to close my eyes and let the emotion or revelation sweep through me, settle down, before I can take in more words.

February has been the month of books. Tomorrow will be March, and I’m supposed to get started on preparations for electives. :( Being competent for studies.

Took me 1 week and 1 day to experience War and Peace. I remember those days of holing up in the library and reading and reading non stop. Awesome days. It was at first dry for me, then as I understood the characters more, I was captured by Tolstoy. The real thing the real thing.

Princess Marya is a true princess. “My calling is to be happy with a different happiness, the happiness of love and self-sacrifice.” I feel all that she feels when she says these things.

Pierre‘s enlightenment. “the meekness he manifested”, his “absent-mindedness” and “simplicity”, every day with the Lord’s guidance and help I want to achieve this “moral fitness” and be worthy of a place beside Him. “He always sought one thing with all the forces of his soul: to be fully good, so that he could not be afraid of death”

“Life is everything. Life is God. Everything shifts and moves, and this movement is God. And while there is life, there is delight in the self-awareness of the divinity. To love life is to love God. The hardest and most blissful thing is to love this life in one’s suffering, in the guiltlessness of suffering”

I want to be like Kutuzov, “always being true to himself in all his acts and words”. In being “simple, modest”, you are “truly majestic”.

And I want to tell someone this. “You know that for me there is nothing in life without you, and to suffer with you is the best happiness for me” (Natasha to suffering Prince Andrei)

There’s Prince Andrei Bolkonsky  too. There are many things to talk about, lessons learnt in this book. Tolstoy is a sent from God. I want to learn more from him. War and Peace is a journey I will be eternally grateful to have undertaken, and to have been introduced by Christopher McCandless. See, there is a point in death.


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