1.  Radical Neck dissection for recurrence of papillary thyroid cancer
  2. Total thyroidectomy
  3. Lap TEP repair of bilateral inguinal hernia
  4. Cervical lymph node excision biopsy
  5. Periauricular sebaceous cyst excision
  6. Exploratory laparotomy for anterior D1 ulcer
  7. Right mastectomy and axillary sampling
  8. Left mastectomy with axillary sampling
  9. U/S localisation excision biopsy of left breast lump
  10. Wound exploration, evacuation of hematoma from Right mastectomy wound site
  11. Lap cholecystectomy and intraoperative cholangiogram (IOC)
  12. Liver segmentectomy (segment 7) for rectosigmoidal mets
  13. Lap cholecystectomy s/p ERCP for gallstones causing obstructive jaundice
  14. Open mesh repair for right reducible direct inguinal hernia
  15. Open mesh repair for left direct inguinal hernia
  16. 10cm by 13cm lipoma excision at right inferior angle of scapula
  17. Ureteroscopy, cystolithotripsy (Holimium), RPG (retrograde pyelogram)
  18. Ureteroscopic lithotripsy
  19. Ureteroscopic lithotripsy
  20. TURBT for papillary recurrences of TCC in bladder
  21. Open drainage of right chrnoic diaphragmatic abscess secondary to fishbone since 2007. removal of fishbone foreign body
  22. Simple mastectomy
  23. Simple mastectomy with axillary clearance
  24. Right U/S guided wire localisation excision biopsy
  25. Simple mastectomy
  26. Open mesh repair for right pantaloon hernia
  27. Open mesh repair for incision hernia post lap cholecystectomy
  28. Exploratory laparotomy
  29. Laparoscopic cholecystectomy
  30. Excision of periauricular sebaceous cyst
  31. tri-incisional esophagectomy
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