20040322 Personal Recount of the Days in TKK.

Personal Recount Of The Days In TKK

I was born into a Christian family where my parents are born-again believers. Thus, attending church and doing daily devotion (although I forget sometimes) play a vital part in my life since my first breath of life. At the age of three, I started my first year in the TKK (The Kingdom Kids). Talking about it, I feel a little disappointed having to leave TKK at the end of the year. However, looking on the bright side, I still have beautiful memories of some of the fabulous and godly events TKK has held for me to reminiscence

I can still remember vividly the 30th of September 2001, when Noah’s Carnival was held. It featured a wonderful play about the flood and Noah with a life-size ark and animals in which children like Choo Shuin and Jerome Ang acted. Following, a short story on entering heaven deeply touched me spiritually. Immediately, I prayed in my heart for forgiveness of all my wrongdoings. Other similar events like this have also caused a great turn in my life. There was once when Pastor Dale gave a speech and prayed for us in tongues. I could indeed feel the presence of God so comforting and warm. I cried my heart out and asked God to create in me a strong character to resist against temptations. At that time, teachers were also walking about, praying for each of us. During the church camp this year, Teacher Jo also led us into a strong prayer that left most of us, including me, weeping. I believe that must have been the work of the Holy Spirit to soften my heart. From then on, my relationship with God has grown stronger and I take devotion more seriously now, thanks to TKK. The e-card chop system has also motivated me to evangelize, not because for the chop but that I am convinced of the responsibility as a Christian to reach out to the unsaved. Currently, I am still reaching out to a close friend of mine who is a Buddhist.

After all these years in TKK, I would really like to thank God for dedicated teachers who are good role models in my Christian walk. Although parting is sorrow and grief, I am certain that God will not let the sorrow last long as he has a brighter and shinier future for me.


“The good old yesterdays are for us to visit and reflect, and not for us to live in.”

Gloria Cheng



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