120. The Girl in the Picture

By Denise Chong.

120 The Girl in the Picture Denise Chong

So glad I found this book. So glad Mum and Dad were aware of the famous “The Girl in the Picture”. So glad I bought it. And I proudly pat myself on the back for reading it in the first two days of the trip, so that the Cu Chi and Cao Dai temple Day Tour made more sense and impact to me.

Never really thought hard about war. To me, it was always a concept, a still image of guns and military uniform. Only when the point of view came from a young vulnerable child, when she cried and agonised over her burn pains, only when I could identify with the loss of freedom that she suffered, did War really dawn upon me. This ugly thing. And during this time, when the BBC/CNN was broadcasted all the time in the hotel and it was headlining Hamas conflict in Israel nonstop, it made me realise that I’m one blessed soul who hasn’t yet realised how blessed I am.

Why is it that I get to have luxuries, I get to complain about how cold the air-conditioning is, while others run for shelter and scrape for food? Education is so important. It pains me to see children running around playing in the day, when they could be learning and growing. Then, when you think about how things are not being done right and good, and you begin to pursue the root reason, you find that at the end of your chase, it is because people do things out of misunderstanding and non-understanding.

This is why tuition holds me, or rather, why I hold on to tuition. Every child deserves having a senior guide his/her thoughts at least once in life. No swiss cheese mistake please.


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