124. What Doctors Feel

By Danielle Ofri, MD

124 What Doctors Feel Danielle Ofri

Borrowed this from Staff Library, which is a treasure trove of good reads, judging from the books and their excerpts that I have glanced through. Amidst MRCS part B preparations, hopefully I have the discipline and hence time to do these readings.

How this book made me feel. It confirmed to me that to be a doctor, is to be a human first. To strive to be a better human. So that when trouble and unfortunate events happen, we will not be awash with shame and guilt that we could have done things correctly. There will always be flaws in the healthcare system, in this world, because we are finite, our resources are finite. So, we can only live up to our conscience and integrity.

John Stone,

The final common pathway is the heart… For what matters finally is how the human spirit is meant.”


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