131. Into Thin Air

By Jon Krakauer.


We bought this book on 23/10/2016, in Kathmandu upon arriving. Books add romance to the experience. It feels fantastical, besides being objective.

Into the Wild touched me. Hence, reading Into Thin Air was a no-question. What’s more, he summited Everest.

“Some people have big dreams, some people have small dreams. Whatever you have, the important thing is that you never stop dreaming”  -Doug Hansen

“I can scarcely go on. No despair, no happiness, no anxiety. I have not lost the mastery of my feelings, there are actually no more feelings. I consist only of will.” -Reinhold Messner

I was more exhausted than I’d ever been in my life. – Jon Krakauer

Right now, I recognise that I am intrigued by Everest. I also recognise that I don’t have the conviction yet to climb it. My life now is as beautiful just by beholding Everest from afar. I have grown to love the Mountains, and am ready to profess that they are part of my life.



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