132. Doctor on Everest

By Kenneth Kamler M.D.


I got this book when EBC was a done deal. When we had lived full and simple, and had the skies and mountains to ourselves.

Nothing is impossible if I see my reflection in her (Josiane’s) bright eyes.

Once more I needed her  enthusiastic support.

She maintains for us an island of quiet simplicity. I depend on it at home, in the operating room and in the mountains… She’s scared of heights and big dogs, but she has the courage to follow her heart when it’s for something she believes in. 

Though she is a doctor too, she put her career on long-term hold, enduring many disapproving glances from her colleagues, because she didn’t want anyone else raising our children. Whenever she’s asked her occupation, she replies “mother”, not “doctor”.

(Josiane) We always said we’re not going to live our lives by what other people think and you’re not going to be a prisoner of your practice.

(Josiane) Be careful. Remember how much you have waiting for you at home.

It was a huge mountain but insignificant compared to what I had at home.

The larger society where I have more choices and less time.

Simplify, Gloria. Breathe, Move, Smile, Love. Just Be.



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