The Clear Blue Sky

Today I went back to Yishun Ave 1, that long stretch, and lay on my back. The sky was bright and blue and gentle. And I was post post call woozy. And then I cycled back.

20141029 Yishun Ave 1


Fixed on Fixies.

I’m sold.

Yishun Ave 1 West Seletar Link 19102014

Have been watching fixie cycling youtube videos recently. Such pretty bicycles out there. And such a simple and strong idea of pure strength driving the wheels. We are the engine. Sweet.

Such a pity on the eve of birthday, it had to rain. I miss my bike.

Love the blue sky.

Always the superdays will not be captured. Cycling took on a whole tougher and more challenging look today for me. Syahiran led me on a big round around the East, and we covered from East Coast Park, Changi, Tampines, Pasir Ris, Bedok then back to East Coast Park. That was by far the most I have ever done in one single non-stop ride. My legs went into a state of disobedience and non-responsiveness the moment he sped home. Just to cycle back to the bicycle rental shop I couldn’t even command them to be at cruising speed. At Green view Secondary School and many other points, I looked up and the blue sky was beautiful. I wish it could be mine. The big blue sky with white gentle clouds.  Things make you happy just by them being beautiful you know. Nothing but beautiful. At least there is something here to keep you motivated and at peace, that despite so many things you don’t understand, it is there to let you know it is always there and it will always be beautiful for you.

The blue sky is also very big. And it make me feel small, but when I am feeling small, having something above me that is so big comforts me that my responsibilities and troubles and burdens can’t be as big as the blue sky. So it is like my big brother. Although it can’t help me solve my problems and non-understanding of how the world works, it is probably better off being a bystander because sometimes you just want to turn to something which doesn’t have anything to do with your world of problems so you don’t have to be reminded of it. And you can entertain yourself in an alternate reality.

Fulfilled my craving of CharSiew Rice today :)