20131221 Christmas Party at Home :)

20131221 Christmas Party at Home


20131221 Christmas party at Home Art

I’m starting to become very cosy with the idea of having home gatherings or parties. They make you feel warm, because you purposefully invite people whom you would like to prepare the special event for. And you work hard to make the event good. And when the event is here, you soak in the atmosphere. And when it ends, and you pack up, clean up, you keep rewinding the moments.

Having parties exemplify the idea of how the journey is so important, as important as the destination. Because I enjoy the stress and rush and striving for perfection for the guests’ comfort, as much as when the moment our dear guests step in.

Thank you Yiyi and family for coming, for spending the time with us :)


Things that make Thursday terrific.

At the playground, little Mira approached and asked me with a hershey’s kiss in her outstretched hand, ” do you want a chocolate?”

She is a little preschooler, short brown hair, in her school blouse and shorts. Her teacher came up and also said that she’s half Italian half Chinese.

Thank God for Mira. And on a rainy Thursday, thank God for the hot comforting porridge, and cold chocolate milk.

Thank you Lord.